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The site is finally put to rest...

You find new content on the Deployment Research site, a site filled with articles and video-tutorials on how to deploy operating systems. If you are missing something on the new site, please let me know. You can find me on twitter on my @jarwidmark alias.

You can also search the old article archive below.

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Author: johan Created: 3/29/2006
Windows Deployment - News, tools, knowledge and thoughts...

_SMSTSORGNAME does not work with SMS 2003
By johan on 1/30/2008
The _SMSTSORGNAME value does not work with ZTI and SMS 2003, only with SCCM 2007 or Lite Touch. Here is the workaround

Hidden Actions in Microsoft Deployment
By johan on 12/19/2007
If you attended the Microsoft Deployment labs this year in Barcelona (IT-Forum) you might have seen that you could configure a lot more roles in the pre-release version compared with the RTM version. Well those roles are still there, you just need to enable them...

GUI for setting timezone and keyboard layout in WinPE
By johan on 11/14/2007
Here is a GUI for setting timezone and keyboard layout in WinPE

Leftover junk prevents new installation in MDT 2008/2010 and BDD 2007
By johan on 11/2/2007
One of the most common issues with MDT 2008/2010 and BDD 2007, LiteTouch and ZeroTouch, is leftover junk from a previous installation preventing a second installation to continue... The solution... Get rid of the junk...

Using BDD 2007 ZTI with only 256 MB Ram
By johan on 10/5/2007
BDD 2007 ZTI by default will break on less than 512 MB RAM, the fix is easy...

A Pretty Good Frontend (IMHO)
By johan on 8/25/2007
This ZTI Frontend allows you to configure the computer for settings like - Computername, Target OU, Roles and OSD Image to deploy...

Configuring WinPE 2.0 scratch space (RAM Drive)
By johan on 8/23/2007
If you want to run applications or are dealing with large driver sets in WinPE 2.0 it might be useful to increase the scratch space size. This article explains how...

Proper Rebooting as the final step in BDD 2007 Lite Touch Task Sequence
By johan on 8/15/2007
This is the configuration needed to do a (proper) reboot as the final step in BDD 2007 Lite Touch Task Sequence

How to configure IPSec in WinPE 2.0
By johan on 7/31/2007
This quick guide explains the necessary steps for configuring certificate based IPSec in Win PE 2.0.

IdentifyComputer in BDD 2007 and MDT 2008/2010
By johan on 7/30/2007
In BDD 2.5 there was included a stiored procedure for naming computer from a prefix + sequence. Here is one for BDD 2007 and MDT 2008/2010

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