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The site is finally put to rest...

You find new content on the Deployment Research site, a site filled with articles and video-tutorials on how to deploy operating systems. If you are missing something on the new site, please let me know. You can find me on twitter on my @jarwidmark alias.

You can also search the old article archive below.

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Author: johan Created: 3/29/2006
Windows Deployment - News, tools, knowledge and thoughts...

Booting DOS 7.10 images from Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
By johan on 9/15/2008
This is a step-by-step guide to boot DOS 7.10 images from Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

TFTP Timeout... after applying KB 953230 WDS stops working
By johan on 9/9/2008
It turns out that the well-known security patch for DNS last summer breaks WDS, if DNS and WDS are running on the same box... here is the fix...

Password Protecting your Windows PE 2.1 Images
By johan on 8/30/2008
As you probably know, WDS doesn't provide any security for it's native boot images (Windows PE 2.x). However, by adding pxelinux and vesamenu.c32 to WDS, you can add that feature. Here is how...

Deploying Ubuntu 8.04.1 using WDS (Windows Deployment Services)
By johan on 8/30/2008
Here is a step-by-step (how-to) guide for deploying Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS 32-bit (Hardy Heron) from a Windows Server running WDS (Windows Deployment Services)

MDT 2008 - Update 1 - Superbug - Be warned
By johan on 8/27/2008
Why Microsoft choosed to release MDT 2008 Update 1 with a known superbug in it I don't understand... Anyway, the update will wipe your deploymentpoint settings completely... make sure to backup the deploy.xml file before applying the update

MDT 2008 Task Sequence fails with error code (0x80091007)
By johan on 8/26/2008
MDT 2008 Task Sequence fails with error code (0x80091007), or rather - the full error is - the hash value is not correct... here is how to fix it...

Final Configuration for Lite Touch, MDT 2008 / 2010
By johan on 8/13/2008
This script will clean out any Leftover MININT or Sysprep folders. Enable WindowsUpdate, Set the default domain value (read from the JOINDOMAIN environment variable), and then do a proper final reboot...

Change Admin Account for Windows XP Lite Touch Deployments
By johan on 7/17/2008
Did you ever want another user then administrator to login and run the final stages of the Windows XP Lite Touch setup (State Restore etc..) Well here is how...

Joining the Windows 7 TAP Program
By johan on 6/26/2008
We are joining the Windows 7 TAP Program

MMS 2008 and TechEd 2008 North America Sample Files
By johan on 6/11/2008
These are the scripts, task sequences and other samples I used for my demos when presenting at MMS 2008 in Las Vegas and at TechEd 2008 North America in Orlando. Thanks everyone who took their time joining my sessions.

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