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 Windows 7 Network Location bug finally fixed! Minimize
Location: BlogsJohan Arwidmark    
Posted by: johan 5/11/2010

When deploying Windows 7 the Network Location dialog box is sometimes shown even though the machine is joined to a domain. It's only on specific hardware but it's quite common.

Microsoft now has a hotfix (KB 2028749) for this bug.

A "Set Network Location" dialog box appears when you first log on to a domain-joined Windows 7-based client computer

Optional Workaround:

You can set a Group Policy for Network Location - Computer Configuration  / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Network List Manager Policies / All Networks. Change Network Location to User cannot change location



This is the dialog box you  might get without the hotfix...

/ Johan 

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Comments (2)  
Re: Windows 7 Network Location bug finally fixed!    By mrobson on 6/7/2010
Hello Johan.

Is this the correct KB number?
Microsoft dupport say no such KB exists on their system, and I can't get hold of the hotfix.

If it is the correct KB, do you have a contact number where they know of it's existance that I can try?


Re: Windows 7 Network Location bug finally fixed!    By johan on 6/11/2010

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