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 Adding a Windows PE 2005 image to WDS (boot-in RAM) Minimize
Location: BlogsJohan Arwidmark    
Posted by: johan 2/12/2007


This article explains how to add a Windows PE 2005 image to WDS, for example the OSD/ZTI Installation CD from BDD 2.5 or BDD 2007.


Johan Arwidmark
Microsoft MVP – Setup & Deployment

The guide covers the following steps

o   Verify that WDS is configured for mixed mode

o   Change WDS from native to mixed mode

o    Configure WDS to display only the legacy tools menu

o   Reduce the size of the WinPE 2005 Image

o   Add the Windows PE 2005 image to WDS


Step 1 - Verify WDS configuration

1.      On the Deployment Server, check the operational mode by starting a command prompt and type the following command

wdsutil  /get-server /show:config

2.      If the WDS operational mode already is Mixed or Legacy mode you can skip to step 3.

Step 2 - Change WDS to mixed mode

1.      On the Deployment Server, start a command prompt and type the following command

wdsutil /uninitialize-server

2.      Run risetup (or start menu -> administrative tools -> Windows Deployment Services Legacy) and add a Windows Server 2003 SP1 image

3.      In the command prompt, type the following command (change the reminst location to match your environment)

wdsutil /initialize-server /reminst:"D:\RemoteInstall"

Step 3 - Display the legacy tools menu

1.      On the Deployment Server, using Group Policy Management Console, edit the Default Domain policy.

2.      Expand User Configuration, expand Windows Settings, and then click Remote Installation Services.

3.      In the details pane, double-click Choice Options and set the following:

a.       In the Tools section, click Enabled.

b.      In the Automatic Setup section, click Disabled.

c.       In the Custom Setup section, click Disabled.

d.      In the Restart Setup section, click Disabled


Step 4 - Reduce the WinPE 2005 image size

1.      On the Deployment Server, copy the following files from the Microsoft Windows PE 2005 CDROM to D:\Build_x86


2.      Edit the D:\Build_x86\SERVERSP1-REMOVELIST.TXT file and remove the following lines


Note 1: urlmon.dll is required for network support.

Note 2: The net21x4.inf and dc21x4.sys files is for Virtual PC Nic support.

Note 3: The mfc42.dll, odbc32.dll, scecli.dll and odbcint.dll files are needed for ZTI (BDD 2.5 and BDD 2007).

Note 4: msls31.dll and shdocvw.dll are used by HTA

3.      Copy  the contents of your custom Windows PE 2005 CD (or iso) to D:\WinPE_2005_Reduced.

4.      Create a batch file (named ReduceWinPE.cmd in this example) containing the following lines.

cd /d D:\WinPE_2005_Reduced \i386

for /f "eol=;" %%i in (D:\Build_x86\serversp1-removelist.txt) do del /q %%i

 the last line has been wrapped and should be typed in as one command.

5.      Execute the previously created D:\Build_x86\ReduceWinPE.cmd batch file

6.      Create a new bootable OSD Installation CD by starting a command prompt and type

cd /d D:\Build_x86

oscdimg -n D:\WinPE_2005_Reduced D:\WinPE_2005_Reduced.iso

 the last line has been wrapped and should be typed in as one command.

Step 5 - Add WinPE 2005 to WDS

1.      On the Deployment Server, using Explorer, navigate to the D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images folder and create a subfolder named WinPE_2005.

2.      In the WinPE_2005 folder, create a subfolder named i386.

3.      Copy the WinPE_2005_Reduced.iso file to the i386 folder

4.      Create a subfolder in the i386 folder named templates.

5.      Copy the following files from D:\WinPE_2005\i386 to templates



c.       Setupldr.exe (not Setupldr.bin)

6.      Rename Setupldr.exe to Ntldr (Note: rename to Ntldr, not Ntldr.exe)

7.      Create a text file with the following settings named WinPE_2005.sif in the templates folder

BootDevice = "ramdisk(0)"
BootPath = "\i386\System32\"
OsLoadOptions = "/noguiboot /fastdetect /minint /rdexportascd /rdpath=%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\WinPE_2005_Reduced.iso"
Architecture = "i386"

Repartition = No

Description = "WinPE 2005"
Help = "Windows PE 2005"
LaunchFile = "%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\templates\"
ImageType = WinPE
Version = "5.2 (0)"

Note:  the OsLoadOptions line has been wrapped and should be on one line.

8.      Restart the Windows Deployment Services console and verify that the Windows PE 2005 images  is listed as a legacy image.




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