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 How to create a Windows PE 2.0 image (build 5270) Minimize
Location: BlogsJohan Arwidmark    
Posted by: johan 4/3/2006

Step-by-step procedure


  1. Create a folder named C:\Winpe20 and copy the following file and folder from the Vista DVD to it.


BOOTMGR (file)

BOOT (folder)


  1. Create a subfolder folder named C:\Winpe20\Sources and copy the following file from the Vista DVD to it.




  1. Create a folder named c:\ximage and copy the Ximage files from December CTP Windows Driver Kit (found in the \wdk automated deployment tools\i386 folder) to it.


Note: If testing on XP, install the WIM Driver (right-click wimfltr.inf and select Install)


  1. Change the boot image number to 1 in boot.wim using ximage by starting a command prompt and issue the following commands


cd /d c:\ximage


ximage.exe /boot /info c:\winpe20\sources\boot.wim 1


Note: This will change the default boot image to a generic WinPE 2.0 image already included in boot.wim


  1. Copy the oscdimg.exe file folder from a WinPE 2005 CD (found in \winpe folder) to c:\ximage


  1. Compile a new bootable Vista WinPE by starting a command prompt and issue the following commands


cd /d c:\ximage


oscdimg.exe -bc:\winpe20\boot\ -h -n c:\winpe20 c:\winpe20.iso




If compiling an WinPE 2.0 image over 700 MB (eg. including Install.wim and other stuff, add the -m switch to oscdimg.exe)


If using Nero or other third party tools to create a bootable iso in step 5 - 6, don't forget to use the c:\winpe20\boot\ ETFS boot sector


You can easily add more files to the boot.wim file using ximage or just by adding them to the winpe20 structure





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