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Deploying Windows 7 using MDT 2008 Update 1

In order to deploy Windows 7 using MDT 2008 Update 1, you have to do some modifications… documented right here…  🙂

Shorthand story is that you need to do 3 small changes in MDT 2008 Update 1

1.     ZTISupportedPlatforms.xml needs a definition for the new Platform Type:

All x86 Windows Seven“>
WHERE Version like ‘6.1%’ AND OSType=18 AND ProductType=1]]>

All x64 Windows Seven“>
WHERE Version like ‘6.1%’ AND OSType=18 AND ProductType=1]]>


2.     Unattend.xml template file must be modified. All the paths under must exist, simple fix is to remove the other lines (marked yellow).







3.      Change ZTIUserState.wsf to support Hard Link Migration

sBaseArgs = sBaseArgs & ” /config:””” & sUSMTPath & “\” & sXML & “”””


      oLogging.CreateEntry “WARNING: Unable to find specified USMT migration XML file ” & sXML, LogTypeWarning

                  End if

                  End if

      sBaseArgs = sBaseArgs & ” /hardlink /nocompress

If bEstimate then

            oEnvironment.Item(“StatePath”) = sLocalStorePath

            oEnvironment.Item(“USMTLocal”) = “True”   

            sBaseArgs = sBaseArgs & ” /hardlink /nocompress


                              oEnvironment.Item(“StatePath”) = sNetworkStorePath

                        End if

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Ton van den Berg - January 7, 2009


Two remarks:
1. I have got build 7000 of Windows 7 now. Had to adjust ZTIGather.wsf also, changed “”6999” into 7001. MDT Will still think is Vista but it’s working. This for your information.
2. Which version of USMT are you using. I am not able to install USMT 301 on Windows 7, it errors out when running setup. And in regards to USMT, why the /hardlink? Cant find anything about that parameter.


Ton van den Berg

charles - January 9, 2009

Great post!
When using Imagex to capture a custom Windows 7 beta build, /what /flags ” ” description are you using? Would it still be /flags “Ultimate”, or something else?


Antonio_ad - January 28, 2009

Really great post…it was very helpfull for me.
I´m trying to install the drivers by the way you tell us but it’s impossible.
I can´t make it.
It allways says Windows could not apply unattend settings during pass [offlineServicing].

What am I doing wrong??
thanks !!!

ronaldo - June 5, 2009

I’ve applied the modifications onto my MDT 2008 Update 1 server. However, on the PC I am trying to deploy Win7, I do not see Windows 7 as among the Task Sequences I can only see my Windows XP builds. I have Windows 7 created as a task sequence in MDT Task Sequences but it does not appear in Deployment Wizard.

I have WAIK 1.1 installed on my MDT 2008. In the task sequence property it is set to Run on any playform and it is enabled.

Please advice.

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