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BDD LiteTouch Modification: Upgrade Option Removal

By arwidmark / February 22, 2007

Since most corporations stay clear of any Upgrade solutions in their environment it may be important for them not to confuse their techs with the Upgrade option in the first place.  Below describes two ways of removing the Upgrade option as a choice.

Warning: This requires direct modification of Microsofts BDD scripts and files. Do NOT attempt this modification if you are not comfortable with scripting and xml changes.

Make backup copies of every file modified below before you start.

Scenario 1 – Disabling Upgrade

In this scenario all we are going to do is disable the Upgrade option so it cannot be selected, though it will still show up on the DeploymentType wizard. This is the less complicated modication.

  • Browse to your deployment point share and open the scripts folder.
  • Locate the file DeployWiz_Initialization.vbs and open it with notepad.
  • Search for InitializeDeploymentType and you should see the that it is a function.
  • Under  the last statement in that function include the following line:

    • DTRadio2.Disabled = True

  • Save and close the file.

Your Upgrade option on the deployment type pane will now be permanently disabled and can not be selected.

Scenario 2 – Removing Upgrade

This scenario completely removes the Upgrade option from the wizard so it cannot be seen. This requires a few more edits than Scenario 1.

  • Browse to your deployment point share and open the scripts folder.
  • Locate the file DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml and open it with notepad.
  • Search for DTRadio2 and you should see that DTRadio2 is an input object. 
  • Locate on the same line where it states “Input type=radio” and change it to the following:

    • Input type=hidden

  • Right Below that line after the You need to insert the following to start your comment tag:

  • That section should now look like this for example:

    •    hidden name=”DeploymentType” id=”DTRadio2″ value=”UPGRADE” accesskey=u language=vbscript >


  • Save and close the file.

We changed the input to hidden so it could not be seen, but we still wanted the object DTRadio2 to still exist so we did not get errors from other functions trying to access it.  The are xml comment tags used to comment out the description of the Upgrade option. 

You should now be able to run the deployment wizard and only have two deployment types to select which are Refresh and Replace.

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