Windows PE 2.0 Plugins Library forming

By arwidmark / June 6, 2007

This is an effort for creating a library with Windows PE 2.0 Plugins. Please send me suggestions for plugins, or if you have any existing plugins I will happily post them on this site…

The format used for the plugins is the .inf-file format, used together with ImageX and PEImg (from the WAIK tools).

The plugins are downloadable from the Repository / Windows PE 2.0 menu.


General Instructions for using the plugins…. (sample with the BGInfo Plugin)

  1. Download the Plugin from and extract to C:\Plugins\BGInfo   
  2. Download BGInfo from and extract the BGInfo binaries to C:\Plugins\BGInfo  
  3. Using ImageX, mount your WinPE image (winpe.wim)

    Syntax: ImageX /mountrw winpe.wim 1 c:\mount  

  4. Using PEImg, inject the plugin

    Syntax: PEImg /inf=C:\Plugins\BGInfo\BGInfo.inf c:\mount\windows  

  5. Using ImageX, commit the changes

    Syntax: Imagex /unmount /commit c:\mount



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