Using BDD 2007 ZTI with only 256 MB Ram

By arwidmark / October 4, 2007

BDD 2007 ZTI by default will break on less than 512 MB RAM

The error you get in the ZTIValidate.log is ERROR Р255MB of memory is insufficient.  At least 448MB of memory is required. However, the fix is easy:

1. Make sure you reduce the WinPE size per step 4 in the below article:

Adding a Windows PE 2005 image to WDS (boot-in RAM)

2. Configure customsettings.ini with the ImageMemory value

[Settings] Priority=Default

[Default] ImageMemory=256

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Redkin - June 16, 2009


Does this apply to SCCM 2007 OSD as well?

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