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Change Admin Account for Windows XP Lite Touch Deployments

By arwidmark / July 16, 2008


Did you ever want another user then administrator to login and run the final stages of the Windows XP Lite Touch setup (State Restore etc..) Well here is how…

When using Lite Touch for deployment, the administrator is used to autologon to finalize the setup process. Since sysprep resets the autologon user during sysprep minisetup, we have to set the name after that. The solution is to make use of cmdlines.txt, a feature in sysprep minisetup to launch scripts just before it saves it’s settings.

So I created two scripts, one that will change the user account, and one script that will stage cmdlines.txt to run it (and copy it to the local disk)


  1. Download the scripts from this link
  2. Copy the scripts to your scripts folder and create en action in the Postinstall phase that will run the Z-UpdateCmdLines.wsf script.

Note: This sample script assumes that you have the new local admin user in the reference image already.

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