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Updated HAL Replacement script for MDT 2008 (LiteTouch and ZeroTouch)

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tmiller - January 6, 2009

I noticed that the bit that disables the intelppm service to accomodate ADM processors is not present in this script. Is that for simplicity or is that no longer needed in XP SP3?

Jeff - February 5, 2009

Thanks for the script…..I have deployed it via SMS 2003 OSD and it works great…..except no matter what i name the machine in my PE setup it never takes. It ignores the computer name and admin password in the sysprep.inf and prompts me for a computer name and admin password as part of the min-setup. If I drop the script as the Post install, it completes. I can post a copy of the sysprep.inf before and after mod if that would help.

Darksun777 - February 12, 2009

Hi johan,

one question about your script. The script detects the PHYSICAL (and not the logical) number of CPU’s installed. So if i have a dualcore or quadcore PC, the scripts detects it as a Uniprocessor machine.
i think this is not correct? A dual- or quadcore-pc needs the multiprocessor HAL, right?


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