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Capture only Task Sequence for MDT 2008 (Lite Touch)

By arwidmark / October 28, 2008

This is sample Task Sequence that will do automated capture only. It will apply WinPE to disk, run sysprep, reboot into WinPE and capture the installation, fully automated.

Note: Updated 2008-12-03 with the following new features. 

– Better pre.req check (for sysprep.inf and unattend.xml files)
– Improved logging.
– Setting the correct Image Flag when deploying Vista or higher


  1. Download the Sample files from
  2. Copy the CaptureTS.xml to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates.
  3. Copy the Z-CaptureOnlyValidation.wsf file to \Distribution\Scripts.
  4. Create a new Task Sequence in MDT 2008 with the following Settings
    Task Sequence ID: Capture001
    Name: Capture Reference Image
    Template: Capture Reference Image Task Sequence
  5. Edit the Capture Reference Image Task Sequence and set the Set Image Folder and Set Image Filename parameters. Se below.

  6. Review the sample bootstrap.ini and customsettings.ini and make necessary changes (username etc.) in yours.
  7. On the machine ready to be captured, logged in as a local administrator, run \\server\distribution$\scripts\liteTouch.vbs, select the Capture Reference Image Task Sequence and have some well deserved coffee 🙂
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arwidmark - November 4, 2008

If you build your reference image using MDT, you can select DoCapture=Prepare to have MDT extracting it for you. Otherwise you have to copy the sysprep files to C:Sysprep before running the sequencer.

Andreas - December 26, 2008

I tried the procedure on a clean windows xp sp3. After \serverdistribution$scriptsliteTouch.vbs the pc reboots and it starts the capture procedure and the wim file is created well.

Nevertheless I think something goes wrong during applying of the liteTouch.vbs

Afterwards when I try to boot the reference PC I get the message:
Windows Boot Manager
0XC00000f Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

(This is strange because I do not have a dualboot configuration. Vista was never installed on this harddrive)
I read something about this issue under http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/installing-windows-xp-w-pre-existing-vista-on-hp-laptop/page/3 but the described issue has nothing in common with my configuration.

Any idea?

arwidmark - January 7, 2009

After the capture the reference computer should not be used any more… just wipe it, or re deploy it…

rob - February 23, 2009

hi, can this be used under SCCM 2007 task sequence for capturing Windows 2008 images? or is there another method of doing it?

– Rob

jrwade27 - March 9, 2009

RE:11/4 post by johan: Copy the sysprep files from where to where? From ??? to reference computer c:Sysprep folder?

jrwade27 - March 9, 2009

Question about 11/4 post by johan Select DoCapture=Prepare where? Very new to MDT and Vista deployment

jrwade27 - March 9, 2009

Concerning my Question about DoCapture. Found the answer. Doesn’t apply to my situation since I didn’t create ref computer with MDT. Where do I copy sysprep files from on Win Server 2003 with MDT 2008 installed. Did steps one through six and updated Deployment Point. Where should sysrep files be after this?

arwidmark - March 9, 2009

For XP/2003 Sysprep.inf should be in C:Sysprep… For Vista/2008, unattend.xml should be in the C:WindowsPantherUnattend, C:WindowsPanther, C:WindowsSystem32sysprep or C:
(the validation script checks all locations)

jrwade27 - March 12, 2009

On my server with MDT installed, I only found sysprep.inf in the Templates folder of c:program filesMicrosoft Deployment Toolkit. I also found sysprep.exe in e:I386supporttoolsdeploy.cab which are files I had to load to run sfc when I had a update patch fail. Do I not have something properly installed on the server such as Support Tools?

I understand your use of virtual machines now. When I began this process, I did not know that one could use them to create an image for deployment. I work remotely from our office but have a person who I guide to do the physical operations necessary so I will not be imaging the physical machine remotely.

I have followed your steps but I have several questions about your Capture Only Task Sequence on your blog:
1. What files from where do I copy to C:Sysprep if I am going to run the script from the local machine?
2. After the files have been copied, do I simply login as local administrator on the reference computer and run the vbs script?
3. Where is the image after I run the script, on the local machine as if I used imaqex or on the MDT 2008 server? If on the server, I assume it would be in the Captures folder you had us enter in following your instuctions.
4. After a successful capture with your script is the image ready to deploy? Using WDS or MDT 2008?
5. Is it possible to pre-stage the computer accounts as managed computers in Active Directory and assign them the computer names we desire since I have the UUIDs/GUIDs of each computer? In this process would the computers then be named as desired and joined to the domain ready to use?

Concerning the alternate run sysprep manually approach:
1. Do I use this command?
C:WindowsSystem32SysprepSysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown
2. What is the location of the PersistAllDeviceInstalls setting in the unattend.xml?
3. Where do I create the unattend. xml file and with what?
4. Where does the unattend.xml file go after it is created?
5. After running Sysprep, can I use the WinPE LT disc created iso when I updated in MDT 2008 after performing your Capture only Task Sequence for MDT 2008 (Lite Touch) steps to boot the reference machine and run imagex to capture the image?

I apologize for the depth of my ignorance. I’ve very new to this type of deployment and to Vista. The amount of documentation is huge and the approaches many and varied. It has all become rather confusing.

Thanks for your responses. I wish you already had your tutorial out.

jrwade27 - March 12, 2009

I found the sysprep folder on the reference computer.

So, do I just copy the Sysprep folder from the reference computer C:WindowsSystem32Sysprep to C:Sysprep and then run the script from the server share while logged on to the reference computer as local administrator.

Again, thanks.

jrwade27 - March 12, 2009

Operating system deployment did not complete successfully. 2 errors and 1 warning.

Unattend.xml not found in any standard locations …(locations your script searched), aborting. ZTI Error – by Z-CaptureOnlyValidation, rc =1
Non-zero return code executing command “CMININTToolsx64TemBootstrap.exe” /env:SAStart, rc=2147467259.

I’m assuming from the errors thrown the process is looking for an
unattend.xml file which I saw nowhere mentioned in your post or the reponses except as related to the Manual Capture.

Do you have recommendations on what that unattend.xml should contain in the way of values set? I must assume the locations for it to reside are the same as for the Manual Capture explanations in answer 4.

I did not understand from your post or the answers to it, that an
unattend.xml file would be needed. I expect you assume facts not in evidence as we say in the legal world. The facts being my having deeper knowledge of the processes and requirements than I do.

Does the PersistAllDeviceInstalls need to be in this unattend.xml answer
file as well? I expect so but wish to be absolutely sure. I’m so close!

Should the unattend.xml be based on the boot.wim in my \serverDistribution$ share?

What are the minimum required values for this unattend.xml?


Ahoward - April 16, 2009

UGH!!!!!!! I used this the first time I captured my reference image.. and it worked wonderfully. The next time I used it… it would capture the Operating System upon the reboot and kept failing with the ambiguous RC=2 error. So I manually captured the image with imagex.. it worked.

Once I imported the new OS.. and try to deploy it.. it fails and says it cant find the required .wim file.. so I research that and apparently i have to use the “flags” command.

BTW your fix for existing .wims doesnt work.. becasue I use it with the /info and while it reads the info.. it cant find the new name etc..

can you please write an explicit example of how the command is used with imagex on an existing .wim file.?

and why would your capture task suddely start failing with an RC=2 error? I changed nothing outside the OS.. just made some GUI changes to my reference image..

ervi - April 17, 2009

What about sysprep? How do i sysprep before applying litetouch.vbs? Some switch that dont shutdown the machine?

dmayorgap - May 29, 2009

Hi, when i run locally at the reference pc the file litetouch.vbs it gaves me an error, it says it couldnt find c:Sysprepsysprep.inf , can anyone help me with this error please?


Davdi M.

dmayorgap - May 29, 2009

Hi, i have an error when runing litetouch.vbs locally at the reference computer, it says it couldnt find c:Sysprepsysprep.inf, can anyone help me with this error please??


David M.

kev.schu - October 1, 2009

So any reason this script wouldn’t work in MDT 2010? I’m getting the following Error

Litetouch deployment failed, Return Code = -2147467259 0x80004005

Here are the last few lines of my Litetouch.log.

kev.schu - October 1, 2009

Keith - December 7, 2009

I got the same result as Kev.shu 10/1/2009.
only one entry in the logs that being the 2147467259 entry.I already have had great success running sysprep and then capturing using WDS. But then I have to export and then import into MDT2008.
I have also tried this in MDT2010 and Win7 and have had success there only issue is that it want to install another win7 os along side the current Win7. Lots of questions not many answers. Or maybe too many answers too many ways of doing the same thing.

Robb - July 4, 2011

I am trying to run the “Sysprep and Capture” task sequence in MDT2010 with default customsettings.ini and credentials in bootstrap.ini. I log in as administrator on a reference PC that was not installed using MDT, run litetouch.vbs (or wsf) from mdtbuildlab$ deployment share, it Syspreps and then restarts, boots into WinPE environment and then all the happens is command prompt with x:Windows:System32 and doesn’t go on to capture the wim. If I navigate to x:DeployScripts I can run litetouch.wsf from there and it resumes the sequence, captures the wim and finishes normally with wim in captures folder. Can you think of a possible reason why it would just sit at command prompt after reboot in LiteTouchWinPE instead of continuing? I am using a virtual machine and the files to be captured are on d: drive when in PE with MININT and _SMSTaskSequence folders. One of the last things listed in BDD.log is reboot was requested and I don’t see any errors. Thanks if you have any ideas! If not I can just sysprep and imagex manually.
BTW- I’ve watched numerous of your videos and your name shows up on every blog about MDT. You work is very impressive.

arwidmark - July 10, 2011

In general I try to avoid the Sysprep and Capture task sequence and rather use the full build and capture task sequnce… I need the logs to see what happens…

/ Johan

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