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WOW! – Get your MDT 2008 deployment going using the MDT Solution Pack 1.0

By arwidmark / February 10, 2009

Is it only healthcare organisations that benefits from a jumpstart of the MDT 2008 Toolkit? Heck,no… About everybody does…

The MDT Solution Pack 1.0 used to be Microsoft internal tools only, but they made v1.0 available from the Business & Industry section of microsoft.com.

So what is the MDT Solution Pack 1.0?

The MDT Solution Pack extends MDT 2008 (Lite Touch) with a lot of goodies, for example:

– Readymade scripts for deploying 40+ common apps (from Adobe, Microsoft, Sun etc.)
– Readymade Task Sequences with 50+ common tweaks (scripts) for XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008
– Additional sample rules (customsettings.ini)
– Updated/Extended Wizards
– Additional docs & Tools

Link to the MDT Solution Pack (v1.0) download and other info

Note: The MDT Solution Pack 1.0 is provided AS IS and is not supported by Microsoft.


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