OT: Great reading if you travel much…

By arwidmark / June 17, 2009

I just came across a great book, if you travel much (I do 🙂  ), this is a must-read… Ruinair, by Paul Kilduff


Quote from the book… Its a letter from a young girl to the pilot… great fun  🙂

Dear Captain, My name is Nicola. I am 8 years old. This is my first flight but I’m not scared.
I like to watch the clouds go by. My mum says the crew is nice. I think your plane is good.
Thanks for a nice flight. Don’t fuck up the landing, luv Nicola



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perhof - June 18, 2009

Den boken beställde jag. Den verkar helskön.
Tack för tipset!

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