Recovery Utility for USMT 3 and 4

By arwidmark / May 3, 2010

Some time ago I came across the MigRecover Utility for Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer (thanks Calle Malmstrom for the tip!), It works great for extracting data from a standard USMT 4 store as well. There is also a version for USMT 3.

The syntax is quite simple:

MigRecover.exe [/i:] [/e:] [/v] [password]

So for extracting all files in the C:\MigData\PC0003\USMT.MIG store to D:\Tmp you would use the following command:

MigRecover.exe /i:*.* C:\MigData\PC0003\USMT.MIG D:\Tmp

For download and additional info:

/ Johan

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