List of MDT 2010 Resources

By arwidmark / January 18, 2011

Per request, here is a list of useful MDT 2010 and Windows Deployment resources…


Deployment Resarch
My new blog, dedicated to all types of operating system deployments

Mike’s Tech Head Blog
Mikael Nystroms blog 


My old Blog (this site) 🙂
Despite the name, dedicated to all types of operating system deployments

TrueSec Video Tutorials and Guides
From my time at TrueSec – The Deployment CD’s – Free video guides and tutorials on MDT 2010 (RTM). Still available for download (requires registration).

Deployment Guys blog
A handful of deployment experts (MCS) are blogging here

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Team Blog
The MDT team blog

Michael Niehaus blog
Nicknamed “Knowledgehaus” internally for his massive knowledge on deployment, Michael is the lead dev behind MDT.

Xtreme Consulting blog
A few of the contractors on the MDT team work for Xtreme, this is their blog

Chris Nacker blog
Deployment Expert, working for Catapult Systems

Josh Mueller blog
Fellow deployment geek…

Maik Koster blog
Deployment Expert (and developer)

Revue du Geek
French deployment site (in French) hosted by Yannick Plavonil. Revue du Geek translates into The Geek Review according to Bing :).

MDT Wizard Editor
A wizard editor for the MDT 2010 Lite Touch wizard (Which also can be used with ConfigMgr 2007)

Pretty Good Frontend
A bunch of web services and a Frontend, that I wrote for ConfigMgr 2007 and MDT 2010 Zero Touch. With some tweaks it also works with MDT 2010 Lite Touch..

Maik Kosters enhanced version of my frontend

MDT Scripts, Front Ends, Web Services, and Utilities for use with ConfigMgr/SCCM
140+ readymade web services and scripts for MDT 2010, all written by Maik Koster

MDT Web FrontEnd 
A web portal (management UI) for the MDT database, written by Maik Koster

Deploying Windows 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine
A free ebook on Windows 7 deployment. 412 lovely pages.

Deployment Fundamentals
A book on MDT 2010 Lite Touch, written by me and Mikael Nystrom

/ Johan

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Interceptor - February 9, 2011


I had the pleasure of attending multiple courses of yours at MMS 2010 and I’d like to ask and perhaps offer you some business. My firm is looking for an OSD solution for users over the internet. I know that this is unsupported with ConfigMgr. However, could a custom MDT type website be configured to accomplish this? Any ideas, no matter how crazy would probably be better than thousands of USB sticks. Thanks in advance.

arwidmark - February 9, 2011

As long as the client have internet access you can certainly have an offline media quering a webservice for settings…. so yes…

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