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Welcome to the Deploy Vista archive…

By arwidmark / September 6, 2019

The deployvista.com site is put to rest…You find new content on the Deployment Research site, a site filled with articles and guides on how to deploy and manage Windows operating systems. You can search the old deployvista.com article archive here, simply use the search to the right. If you are missing something on the new […]


MDT – Drivers – PowerShell is king

By arwidmark / February 18, 2011

If you have read any of my articles on MDT and drivers you know that, for most environments, I like to have total control of my drivers (rather than the Total Chaos method which is default in MDT). This means that I normally create a more detailed folder structure in the deployment workbench, that matches […]


Using applications in MDT 2010 (VBscript vs Batch files)

By arwidmark / January 18, 2011

Over the years I have been answering quite a number of posts from people trying to run batch files in MDT. And as fun as the old batch files ever are, you simply get way more features when converting them into vbscript… Here is the deal, MDT does support batch files, but batch files has […]


List of MDT 2010 Resources

By arwidmark / January 18, 2011

Per request, here is a list of useful MDT 2010 and Windows Deployment resources…   Deployment Resarch My new blog, dedicated to all types of operating system deployments Mike’s Tech Head Blog Mikael Nystroms blog    My old Blog (this site) 🙂 Despite the name, dedicated to all types of operating system deployments TrueSec Video Tutorials and […]


Back to basics – Understanding Unattend.xml automation in Windows 7

By arwidmark / October 19, 2010

First If your goal is to very quickly have a nice fully automated Windows 7 setup, including drivers, application etc. – This article is not for you. If that’s your goal, you should download the free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010, and use that as your deployment solution. Second That being said, if you rather […]


Microsoft Windows, Office and MDOP Deployment Workshops

By arwidmark / September 20, 2010

Microsoft Windows, Office and MDOP Deployment Workshops http://www.springboardseriestour.com  Amsterdam – 25 Oct | Stockholm – 27 Oct | Helsinki – 29 Oct | Reading – 1 Nov | Rome – 3 Nov | Vienna – 4 Nov The Microsoft Get On the Bus Tour is taking a winter hiatus to bring you a new tour […]


Insert Computers Automatically into the MDT Database

By arwidmark / September 17, 2010

MDT 2010 Lite Touch by default doesn’t automatically add the information you specify in the deployment wizard, here is a stored procedure and rules file that will do just that… This sample will inject the computername you specify in the deployment wizard to the OSDComputerName and Description field in the database, but it can easily […]


Deployment Pre-Conference at TechEd, this time in Europe…

By arwidmark / September 6, 2010

If you are going to TechEd in Berlin this year, make sure to sign up for the Deployment Pre-conference day. It will be a full day, where we build a complete Windows XP to Windows 7 migration / deployment solution. The presenters are: me (Johan Arwidmark), Mikael Nystrom, Michael Niehaus, Jeremy Chapman, and Steve Campbell. All […]

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