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_SMSTSORGNAME does not work with SMS 2003

By arwidmark / January 29, 2008

The _SMSTSORGNAME value does not work with ZTI and SMS 2003, only with SCCM 2007 or Lite Touch. Background: The problem happens because with ZTI and SMS 2003, Microsoft Deployment call the task sequencing engine TSMbootstrap directly from the DP.  Since it is running from the DP the variables.dat file would also need to be on […]


Hidden Actions in Microsoft Deployment

By arwidmark / December 18, 2007

If you attended the Microsoft Deployment labs this year in Barcelona (IT-Forum) you might have seen that you could configure a lot more roles in the pre-release version that was used in the labs, compared with the RTM version. Well those roles are still there, you just need to enable them by renaming actions_full.xml to […]


GUI for setting timezone and keyboard layout in WinPE

By arwidmark / November 13, 2007

GUI for setting timezone and keyboard layout in WinPE. Just download and copy the files to same location as the bootimage (LiteTouchPE_X86.wim in this example) Download from: http://www.deployvista.com/Repository/WindowsPE20/tabid/73/EntryId/37/DMXModule/399/ctl/EntryDetails/mid/399/Default.aspx  


Leftover junk prevents new installation in MDT 2008/2010 and BDD 2007

By arwidmark / November 1, 2007

One of the most common issues with MDT 2008/2010 and BDD 2007, LiteTouch and ZeroTouch, is leftover junk from a previous installation preventing a second installation to continue… The solution… Get rid of the junk… Note: Make sure to do these changes only to the winpe images used for bare metal installations… (wiping the disk in […]


Using BDD 2007 ZTI with only 256 MB Ram

By arwidmark / October 4, 2007

BDD 2007 ZTI by default will break on less than 512 MB RAM The error you get in the ZTIValidate.log is ERROR – 255MB of memory is insufficient.  At least 448MB of memory is required. However, the fix is easy: 1. Make sure you reduce the WinPE size per step 4 in the below article: […]


A Pretty Good Frontend (IMHO)

By arwidmark / August 25, 2007

Summer 2007 in Sweden is one for the record books, for being the rainiest one in a long time… So if you can’t hit the beach, what do you do?  Some serious coding of course! 🙂 So today I have released a Frontend for ZTI (BDD 2007) to the web… Credits goes to Morgan Hjalmarsson, […]


Configuring WinPE 2.0 scratch space (RAM Drive)

By arwidmark / August 22, 2007

If you want to run applications or are dealing with large driver sets in WinPE 2.0 it might be useful to increase the scratch space size. Credit goes to Paul Foty… Here is the registry key and the settings for adjusting the size. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\FBWF] “WinPECacheThreshold”=dword:00000010 ;dword:00000010 = 16 ; 0x10 […]


How to configure IPSec in WinPE 2.0

By arwidmark / July 31, 2007

Welcome This explains the necessary steps for configuring certificate based IPSec in Win PE 2.0. For improvement suggestions (or bugs) in this guide, please drop a note to johan [dot] arwidmark [at] truesec [dot] com, or at myitforum.com (alias jarwidmark). You might also find me in the public Microsoft desktop deployment newsgroups (microsoft.public.deployment.desktop) Regards, Johan […]


IdentifyComputer in BDD 2007 and MDT 2008/2010

By arwidmark / July 30, 2007

In BDD 2.5 there was included a stiored procedure for naming computer from a prefix + sequence. Here is one for BDD 2007 and MDT 2008/2010 IdentifyComputer for BDD 2007 and MDT 2008/2010 http://www.deployvista.com/Repository/tabid/71/EntryId/34/DMXModule/396/ctl/EntryDetails/mid/396/language/en-US/Default.aspx 

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