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ImageX Error: System could not find specified file (FIX)

By arwidmark / April 20, 2007

If manually mounting images using imagex.exe gives you the error: “System could not find specified file”,  then you might be missing the WIM filter driver on that system.  ImageX.exe needs to be able to load the WIM filter driver and it can be installed by using the WIMFLTR.INF to install it. Browsed to X:\Windows AIK\Tools\x86 (Where X: = […]


How to use SMS 2003 OSD FP Update and ImageX for System Backup purposes

By arwidmark / April 17, 2007

Welcome This article describes how to create a package for SMS that will perform a full computer backup of Windows XP. This scenario is not supported by Microsoft.  Background This scenario is using SMS 2003 to push out a Windows PE 2005 ISO Image that will connect to the SMS server (DP) and executes a […]


For John – Don’t mess with my audio drivers (BDD 2007)

By arwidmark / April 8, 2007

For John – Don’t mess with my audio drivers   Welcome This article describes how to configure BDD 2007 Zero Touch to support Two-Tier drivers like SigmaTel and RealTek High Definition Audio cards… Background BDD 2007 Driver Repository is using the Microsoft.BDD.PnpEnum.exe utility to scan for drivers to inject at the client. This works great […]


BDD Extension: ZTERemoveCompression (boot mgr compressed Fix)

By arwidmark / April 3, 2007

To add the ZTERemoveCompression.wsf script to your scripts folder as an accessible script 1. Copy & Paste the code below the —Code Snippet— below in this article into a blank text file and save it as ZTERemoveCompression.wsf. 2. Copy or Move the ZTERemoveCompression.wsf script to your scripts folder under your distribution share. (Ex: \\server1\distribution$\scripts\ZTERemoveCompression.wsf) To […]


Booting WinPE 2.0 from a third party PXE Server

By arwidmark / March 28, 2007

 Welcome This article describes how to configure a third party PXE Server (Jounin Tftpd32) for booting Windows PE 2.0 Perform all steps on a Vista Machine (the files/folders can of course later be transferred to a Windows 2003 SP1 server) The guide covers the following steps Configure and the Install WAIK Create a x86 Windows […]


Windows Vista OPK Workshop

By arwidmark / March 8, 2007

Hi, The slides from the Windows Vista OPK workshop can be found in the Vista file repository Direct link to the slideshttp://www.deployvista.com/Repository/WindowsVista/tabid/72/EntryId/24/DMXModule/398/Download/attachment/Default.aspx Other useful links for the OPK Tools (Vista & OfficeReadyPC)http://oem.microsft.com/getopk http://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/worldwide/OfficeReadyKit/Microsoft_Office_Activation_Assistant.zip http://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/worldwide/OfficeTrialPreinstallation/Preinstallation_Guide_Microsoft_OTA.doc


BDD LiteTouch Modification: Upgrade Option Removal

By arwidmark / February 22, 2007

Since most corporations stay clear of any Upgrade solutions in their environment it may be important for them not to confuse their techs with the Upgrade option in the first place.  Below describes two ways of removing the Upgrade option as a choice. Warning: This requires direct modification of Microsofts BDD scripts and files. Do NOT […]


Preinstalling the Virtual Server R2 Shunt Driver

By arwidmark / February 21, 2007

Here is a quick but hopefully useful guide for preinstalling the Virtual Server R2 Shunt Driver into Windows Server 2003. Extract the contents from the SCSI Shunt Driver.vfd file (found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\Virtual Machine Additions) to a folder, C:\Drivers\MSVMSCSI in this example (Note: move the content in Win2003 folder up one level, eg. […]


BDD Extension: ZTEUSMTConfigFile

By arwidmark / February 20, 2007

Update 05/01/2007: Updated code to include full path to config.xml to fix the pathing issue in ZTI deployment. ZTEUSMTConfigFile.wsf takes advantage of the Customsettings.ini rules in order to define your USMT Config file within your rules. Also the other big advantage of this extension is it copies the config file you define from the distribution […]


BDD Extension: ZTECustomConnect

By arwidmark / February 15, 2007

During the LTI and ZTI deployment process, you may require access to a network resource that is on a server different from that hosting the deployment point. In order to access resources on another server though you must somehow authenticate to it first. For example, you might want to install an application from a shared folder on […]

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