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Do you want to be a Windows 7 rock star…

By arwidmark / January 19, 2010

Super security rock star Steve Riley, Mikael Nystrom and me is coming to a town near you in March. It’s the Windows 7 RoadShow – 2010 Edition. A full day technical seminar on Windows 7. On the Agenda: Live Demonstrations – Leading Experts – Windows 7 – Security – Management – Deployment – Tips & […]


Generate Computernames in MDT 2010 based on prefix and a sequencenumber

By arwidmark / January 16, 2010

Generate Computernames in MDT 2010 based on prefix and a sequencenumber This procedure works like this: If they computername is in the database already (known), it will assign that name to the PC. If the computer is not in the database (unknown), it will generate a computername based on the prefix and the next sequencenumber. […]


Pushing MDT 2010 Lite Touch installations to remote clients…

By arwidmark / January 16, 2010

To start a MDT 2010 Lite Touch installation remotely, e.g. without having to visit the machine, you can use the psexec tool (Microsoft / Sysinternals). In my sample the remote PC is named PC0004 and my deployment server is MDT01. The deployment share is MDTProduction$ and the user account I use for my installations is […]


IEEE 802.1X authentication protocol support for WinPE

By arwidmark / January 13, 2010

IEEE 802.1X authentication protocol for WinPE is available as a hotfix download. Thanks to Ronni Pedersen for pointing it out  🙂 IEEE 802.1x for WinPE 3.0 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972831 IEEE 802.1x for WinPE 2.1 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975483  


MDT 2010 Lite Touch, Windows XP and VMware Workstation 7.0

By arwidmark / January 11, 2010

Recently I have received quite a number of emails from people having problem using VMware Workstation 7.0 to build reference images with MDT 2010 Lite Touch. Here is a guide… Verify the XP media, the VM, and get the drivers First, verify that the Windows XP Pro Media is working correctly, and that your vmware […]


Windows Embedded 2009 Trial Edition and Sysprep

By arwidmark / December 27, 2009

When deploying Windows Embedded 2009 Trial Edition with sysprep you need to enter a valid runtime PID. If you add the Trial PID you got from Microsoft into sysprep.inf, and you deploy that image, the mini-setup will display the following error message: “An unexpected error has occurred while changing your computer network configuration“. Later on, […]


Quote of the day – Dealing with Multiple Partitions

By arwidmark / December 14, 2009

The best multiple partitions analogy ever… Generally I would always recommend to only have ONE partition these days. Going down the route of making multiple partitions is like having multiple wives/girlfriends/lovers… it’s all fun and games for a while but ends with disaster. – Andreas H.


Geeks on Tour – The Deployment Roadshow 2010 – This time back in Sweden

By arwidmark / December 13, 2009

Me and Mikael Nyström are going on tour in February 2010… The Deployment Roadshow 2010 – in Sweden… http://www.deploymentroadshow.com The full day seminar (which is presented in Swedish) is based on the following four pillars… Windows 7 Deployment Highlights MDT 2010 Lite Touch MDT 2010 Zero Touch Deployment Tips & Tricks

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